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News from wrapstyle world
  • Improve Singapore franchise


    WrapStyle™ Singapore is relocating a store to better business areas.
    New address: 41 Genting Lane, Singapore 349555

  • WrapStyle is now the King of Europe!


    We are very pleased that we won part of competition Wrap like a King. WrapStyle is now the King of Europe! We are honored to be alongside with all the other winners, who received congratulations from us! What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. See you there!

  • Police Rusty Design


    Here's what happens if you do not have your car in a garage...Stop worrying and have your car wrapped by us! For the Danish WrapStyle branch was created this unique design on the Porsche Cayman GT4. A big thanks especially to our great designer Kate, who is always trying to create something fresh.

  • Johor Bahru Malaysia


    New branch opened the address: Johor Bahru / 80, Jalan Austin Height 8/2, Taman Austin Heights, 81100 , Johor Bahru Malaysia /…